Manel Oubrahim oversees the sales management of YSC on a grand scale. Her experiene in sales dates back in 2014 while working for big end companies across the DMV area. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Jeff Mount​ ​Martial Arts & Self-Defense Specialist

Jeff Mount is Director of Operations and Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Maryland.  In the past 12 years, he has taught thousands of military, law enforcement, and civilian students.  He holds "Train the Trainer", "Advanced Force Training", "Executive Protection", and dozens of other certifications.  He also is a graduate student at American Military University, pursuing an MA in Homeland Security/Counterterrorism studies (Read more here).

Join the YOUR SUV CLUB (YSC) family and deliver world-class business limousine transportation.  

We’re currently looking for experienced drivers with a passion for transportation. We take pride in our customer service and only hire the bests. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for: 

  • 5+ years experience

  • No driving offenses

  • Technologically advanced

  • Knowledge of local attractions and restaurants

  • Ability to drive 100+ miles to and from destinations

Please contact our office if you have questions regarding the hiring process. We will perform a background check for past driving offenses. 

Job Opportunities

As a business traveler, on a tour, or a private tour, you need to be available at all times. YOUR SUV CLUB is an independent transportation company that gives business travelers high-class transportation and mobile offices to do their work.

Some of our high-tech perks include high-speed Internet connectivity, phone conference lines, as well as charging stations. Your gadgets will function without any problems anytime you ride with YOUR SUV CLUB. 

​Private Tour Guides


Melvin Key is the CEO of Protective Services, one of the most respected security firms in the DMV area. He served on the Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) as captain where he received numerous awards for bravery, valor and community services throughout his career 1989-2007. Melvin's core competencies are in crime prevention, crowd control, security management, business management, asset protection, and emergency incident management. (Read more here).

Istraf Montgomery

Chief of Tourism DC, MD, VA.

Melvin Key

Chief of Security & Training Center. 
​DC and Virginia

Sharon Amar

CEO and Founder,

Our Team

Our story

Gideon Kopitchinski 

Security and Equipment Training Instructor

Liron Filibi

Executive Protection Class Head Instructor

Charles Tia-Bia is a well-traveled, multilingual and dynamic mind who believes in simplicity as final output. While studying abroad, he earned two associates respectively in Mathematics and Economics. Fitness Enthusiast, Food Safety Manager certified, always aiming for 100% customer satisfaction, he is currently studying towards a BS of Finances as an undergraduate student. He also holds two black belts both in TKD and Judo.

YOUR SUV CLUB launched luxury private tour service.

Created for business travelers in Washington DC.

The SUVs of YOUR SUV CLUB equipped with Wi-Fi internet, DVD, and more.

YOUR SUV CLUB expands to Virginia vineyards and received recognition as Only way to tour Virginia vineyard farms.

YOUR SUV CLUB became the most recognized Chauffeur service for hiring female drivers.

John Shul

Chauffeur Coordinator, All Regions 

Charles Tia-Bia​ Project Manager DC, MD, VA

Liron Filibi is an experienced veteran who has served as an Armored Corps Lieutenant Platoon Commander and as Head of Security for numerous embassies across the globe since the early 90's. He hold a bachelor of Arts in Economics and Logistics

Manel Oubrahim

Sales Manager DC,MD,VA 

Gideon Kopitchinski is a well-rounded professional with a background steming  in both Germany and Israel. He has succesfully completed several IDF Military Courses. He is a certified expert at screening and scanning technology widely used at checkpoints at airports and within smaller perimeters.

Sharon Amar is a savvy inventor and a self made businessman with many aces under his sleeves. Early in Life, he served 3 years in the Military, several years as an element in a Special Forces unit and an additional 3 years as a key member of the Dignitary Protection unit. Since, he has been involved in many ambitious projects. He is a happy husband and the loving father of 3.

Embassy Services:

At YOUR SUV CLUB in Washington, we believe in treating other people like we want to be treated:
With respect, patience, friendliness.
We believe that the protective driving service in Washington DC is the most exciting in the world. As such it is an honor for us to provide ground transportation in Washington, protect, and tour around the most important people in the world.
We believe in being more creative than we need to be and our team is growing to become the best in the industry.
We believe in small teams.
We believe that our client is a partner.
We believe in thinking out of the box.

"We know you have a choice."

Call 1-844SUVCLUB  and make your reservation for ground transportation in DC!