Crisis Management Planning.

This particular risk assessment provides organizations with the knowledge to deal with unforeseeable situations like natural disasters, political unrest and other emergencies. Our goal is to give the employee a peace of mind by maximizing safety and minimizing risk.

Security & Security System:

Perhaps our most important assignment, this RTVA's goal is to strengthen vulnerabilities, by providing detailed operational guidelines, based on facility location and number of employees for coordinated physical, high-end, technological, manpower and procedural security measures to maximize employee safety in an event of an emergency.

Unlock the Ability to Save while using your Trusted Team Trained by our Trusted Team.

The purpose of this training is to expand on what you may already know and distance you from any impending risks. Our diverse team combines methods from Army and Secret Service providing a unique perspective to each individual trainee allowing him/her to operate as a team or individually. 

We pride ourselves in the wide variety of our assignments. As such, we are always eager to embark on new challenges and projects, in this case: Consulting. Given the very intricate nature of the word itself, Risk Assessment consultation is broken down into various categories, with each one as important as the next.


"Train To Save" 


lntelligence Report.

 As the name suggests, this assessment provides detailed analysis of selected countries, cities, towns or even regions in order to make informed decisions based on understanding of the current and up-to-date impending risks. Our team of experts knows the ins-and-outs of regions, what to look for and report every single detail back to headquarters.

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Embassy and diplomatic corps security is our specialty. Having worked in the field for over 22 years, we have mastered the ability to strengthen vulnerability. Providing detailed operational guidelines including RTVAs, master security plans both to the embassy, its surroundings, ambassador residence and diplomats, as well as staffing and training based on the distinct needs of the employer. 


Our experts will be on hand to educate staff members on basic safety procedures, make them aware of immediate controllable dangers in their surroundings, like where to locate emergency breathing masks, in case of a fire, emergency exits, fire extinguishers evacuation procedures and so on.